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Global Compliance Manager – Data Privacy

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The Global Compliance Manager, Data Privacy lead shall ensure that the Client’s Business Area has access to efficient and proportionate procedures to prevent non-compliance within the area of data protection / data privacy and shall also provide and enable access to specialist advice. In this role, you adapt to the changing needs of our Client, which means that in some periods advice will be a major part and in other periods, the continued development and implementation of the Privacy Compliance Program will be the major part.

The Manager is responsible for:

  • provision of expert advice in, for example, contract drafting, third party due-diligence or other investigations to all parts of the Business Area.
  • maintaining and developing an efficient business area wide compliance program (based on identified data protection compliance risks) consisting of procedures, awareness, culture and monitoring.
  • supporting Client with the implementation of the compliance program through communication, training, and hands-on assistance.
  • Identify and capture synergies such as best practice and shared solutions or concerted actions (cooperation), possibly in, for example, data transfer and data security related issues.
  • Support Management review and assess where personal data is collected, processed and transferred within the business, including employee, supplier and customer data in accordance with the requirements of the data privacy policy:
  • Ensure there are Local procedures within the business functions (including HR, Communications, Sales, Finance and any other function) to process personal data in accordance with Group, BA and/or PA requirements and local laws.
  • Manage and advise on compliance activities within area of responsibility, sets priorities for the activity.
  • Maintain up to date information and advice on regulatory and legal requirements in respect of compliance. Identify compliance risks within the area of responsibility.
  • Work with the business on mitigating compliance risks.
  • Oversight or implement compliance activities within the area of responsibility.
  • Oversight (Group) or implement (BA) compliance policy.
  • Develop and/or deploy training tools, templates and processes to manage compliance risk, and share best practices.
  • Ensure adherence to The Client Way, applicable legislation and established policies and procedures within area of responsibility.


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